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Thought Process: Cee Lo Green Opens Up About Feelings of Self-Doubt On ‘Katie’

Rapper Cee Lo Green will sit down to spill the beans with talk show host Katie Couric today. The 39-year-old music producer will appear on “Katie” to discuss his new memoir, “Everybody’s Brother” and some of his past struggles outlined in the book.

“My body was too short, my head was too big, I was strange, and I dressed different,” he writes.

He also confesses, “At an age when other kids might be out selling lemonade, I stole my ass off.”

In the sneak peek below, Cee Lo is speaking candidly with Couric about his difficult childhood, particularly his struggles with self-doubt. When Couric asked him what made him feel so bad about himself, Cee Lo responded:

“If someone is six-feet tall then naturally some people are gonna play basketball.   So like me being short and you know peculiar in thinking and in action, you know,  you just wonder, you know, who am I and what am I to do.  I could see what my limitations are.”

Tune in to “Katie” to watch the entire interview, which airs Tuesday, September 10. “Katie is nationally syndicated, so check the website or your local listings for airtimes. Until then, preview Ceelo Green’s interview below.



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