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David Banner Taps African Mythology in Film ‘Walking With Gods’

Veteran rap artist David Banner has been making moves in the film industry over the past few years. He made his movie debut in “Black Snake Moan,” and has most recently played the father of Forest Whitaker’s young “butler” character in “Lee Daniels’ The Butler.”

The Mississippi native is now working on a new project called “Walking With Gods,”  which taps into African mythology to tell the story of a black superhero named Aket Heru.


Aket is a prince who is cursed after his father bypasses his older brother to install him as king upon his death. The older brother named Liel invokes an evil spirit named Setus who causes chaos, erases Aket’s memory and forces him to travel through time.

This puts Aket on a journey to find himself, calm his inner chaos and realize his godly powers. This only comes about when Aket achieves inner balance and truly believes his powers within. Aket ends up in the 21st century, living happily with his girlfriend Lisa, when chaos from Setus reemerges — and that’s when the battle for inner peace begins.

Walking With Gods is a good first attempt by Banner, who funded the venture with proceeds from his latest album and a Kickstarter campaign.

Below are the first few installments of the film. Check it out now:



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