Food for Life: Control Diabetes With Natural Remedies



In an interview Kirt Tyson, a former type I diabetic, revealed that his diet was completely raw, with no fruits. He ate only vegetables, seeds and nuts. He cured his diabetes on this simple 30-day raw diet. The once debilitating disease can be treated by eating a raw diet and making some life-changing decisions. Not only can you go raw, but you can also use eight natural herbs and remedies to survive diabetes.

There are many remedies available today and some work better than others. Like the raw diet, it all depends on your body and your genetics. No cure works 100 percent of the time for everyone. A raw diet is only the beginning. Continuing to eat healthy for the rest of your life ensures that you too can be free from any reoccurrence of this disease.

In addition to going raw and eliminating sugar from your diet, you must switch to raw milk or its alternatives. In his book, The Devil in the Milk, Dr. Kevin Woodford explains how the type of milk we drink directly reflects the high incidence of many diseases, including diabetes and cancers.

There are many substitutes available from almond milk to oat milk. They are healthy and easy to make.

Eight Types of Natural Remedies Available Today:

1. Fig Leaves

Fig leaves are best known for treating diabetes, but there are many other uses for them They can be used in homemade remedies from treating diabetes to treating bronchitis, genital warts, liver cirrhosis, high blood pressure, skin problems and ulcers.

Fig leaves are not used as much as they should be. Most of the remedies with fig leaves use the sap or the milk of the tree. Fig tinctures or poultices should be used immediately and fresh batches made daily.

But the best news about the use of fig leaves is that they have anti-diabetic properties. The diabetic needs less insulin when on a treatment of  fig leaf extract. The diabetic should take the extract with breakfast in the morning. An additional remedy  can be made by boiling the leaves of the fig in filtered water and drink as tea…

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