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Lady Gaga Reveals ‘Jewels And Drugs’ Feat. T.I. & Too Short

Lady Gaga revealed several new songs from her upcoming album “ARTPOP” during her performance at the iTunes Festival this weekend. The major surprise from the performance was Gaga’s new song “Jewels and Drugs” featuring T.I. and Too Short. According to

“Playing for a packed crowd of adoring Little Monsters, the provocative singer wasn’t able to unseat Miley Cyrus as the most controversial star of the moment, but did deliver some musical surprises. The opening song of the night – which found Gaga performing in a freaky black mask while holed up in a cage, Hannibal Lecter-style – featured a dubstep-style bass drop. Later, rappers Too Short and Twista showed up to deliver verses for a hip-hop banger called ‘Jewels & Drugs.’ (T.I. was also featured in the song, but he couldn’t make it to the concert, so his voice played over the sound system.)”

The audio from the performance came out very clear and is being circulated around the Internet as a new release, but time will tell if “Jewels and Drugs” will become a single from Gaga’s new album.

Lady Gaga’s “ARTPOP” is scheduled to be released Nov. 11, just in time for the holidays.

Check out video footage of Lady Gaga’s performance with Too Short above and the audio below.

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