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Cornel West: Obama’s King Anniversary Speech ‘Pretty Words That Hide Ugly Deeds’

Reflecting on addresses at the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr.‘s “I Have a Dream” speech, Professor Cornel West lamented how the event was marked by “the coronation of the bonafide house negro of the Barack Obama plantation, our dear brother Al Sharpton.”

West described “the Clinton plantation” as “very similar” to the Obama plantation. He then said the difference would have been that Jesse Jackson was willing to step out from under Clintons, whereas “Sharpton is not.”

West went on to say Martin Luther King Jr. “would just shed tears” if he could see black leadership personified by Sharpton at this point in time.

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8 thoughts on “Cornel West: Obama’s King Anniversary Speech ‘Pretty Words That Hide Ugly Deeds’

  1. Black Perspectives …

  2. C.West And his interviewer both think like President Obama should only be the president for black people…..sorry guys, President Obama is and should be……..PRESIDENT OF THE PEOPLE!

  3. How he know what a DR KING JR wants to talk about, C. West you kill me.

  4. Dmax Lomax says:

    We have to help ourselves before we can expect help from others. That being said, we seem to all forget where we came from once we have so called made it. To help ourselves is not meant to just help oneself individually. It means each one teach one, but that's what we have lost today. We have become eack one is for themselves.

  5. Doris Leyba says:

    NEPOTISM is a privilege that all preceding presidents have used and will continue to do so. Politics = its the American way. One day it may change, but now is not the time.

  6. It strikes me that Dr. West as well as others are dispersing an imbalanced amount of energy to criticize the President as well as others that made speeches in this event. In light of the position it appears taken, that Dr. King would be appalled at some of the statements made. One of my personal admirations of Dr. King is that he not only illuminated the problems of his day but he gave far grater effort to work towards solution. Humanity cannot evolve simply by shinning a light of critique on its short comings. Dr. West and his interviewer displayed uncanny skill of complaining and identifying problematic issues but offer no solutions. It is not my endeavor to disagree with the conclusions but rather express that the context leaves me in a place of lack and incompleteness. I would rather Dr. West offer a suggestion as to what could or should have been said or done . Just to say what was done was wrong…… at least they took the shot even if they missed the goal.

  7. Levi Jeffers says:

    When would we learn to come together?

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