Twitticisms: Alicia Keys’ Disappointing New Haircut Met With Hilarious Tweets


Twitter reacts to Alicia Keys new haircut Alicia Keys may be loving her new haircut, but apparently she’s the only one, as the Internet has erupted with a collection of hilarious memes comparing her new ‘do to everyone from the Beatles to popular Japanese animation characters.

Our hearts were hurt, for sure, when Keys decided to chop off her gorgeous locks, but at least the first hairdo was cute enough to help us get over it. This time she’s just being cruel.

While we do commend the “Girl on Fire” singer for being one of the few songstresses to actually debut a new haircut – because simply taking out your weave just doesn’t count in our book – our appreciation can only go so far when the end result has everyone struggling to hold in their laughter.

Last December she admitted that she planned on cutting off more of her hair, but nobody was expecting her to whip out a bowl cut.

She tweeted a picture of the interesting hairstyle with the caption “Feelin fresh and feelin the love this morning! ;-)”

Needless to say, she wasn’t met with much love via social media.

“Alicia is so gorgeous, but this hairstyle is a tragedy,” one user tweeted.

Alicia Keys haircut Beatles meme Another one kicked off the meme marathon, adding Alicia’s picture to a poster of The Beatles along with the caption, “Alicia Keys gotta chill.”

Others compared the cut to Vector from “Despicable Me” and for those of you who love classic cartoons, the Twitter favorite was definitely a comparison of Key’s cut to Gohan from “Dragon Ball Z.”

It wasn’t long before she sent out another tweet of her hairstyle after switching it up a bit to show off its versatility.

“Versatility!! 😉 I’m having so much fun! Love and light to u!” the caption read which is generally believed to be in response to all the people who bashed (and are still bashing) her haircut.

Regardless of the curls she added in the second picture, the style just doesn’t do her any justice.

Swizz Beatz hasn’t publicly commented on the haircut, but quite frankly we can’t imagine him being too crazy about it.

Whatever his position, the curvy songstress admitted that she was inspired by her man to create her sensual new track , “Fire We Make.” Perhaps he could also inspire another new hairstyle.