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Idris Elba’s ‘Luther’ Movie Confirmed; Creator Says Script Completed

After the third and final season of Luther has come to an end, actor Idris Elba and series creator Neil Cross have reportedly decided to move forward with plans to bring the hit BBC drama to the big screen.

Earlier this year, at a BAFTA screening for the third season of Luther, Elba said he wanted to make a Luther film, but it would likely be the prequel of the series.

“If we do decide to make this film, the spine of the film will probably come from “The Calling,” – which is the book – and that starts at the beginning of who Luther is and where he’s come from,” he said.”It’s a goal for Neil and I, for sure, we’ve talked about it at length.”

Cross has told British media that he has completed the script as a prequel, and his goal is to make the Luther movie next year. He also said his script follows the career of Elba’s character, John Luther, in the earlier days, when he is still married to Zoe. The film will detail how the detective ends up dark, conflicted and hardened in the TV show. The final scene in the film ends where the initial TV series began.

Elba won a Golden Globe for best actor in a mini-series for his role in Luther, which made its debut on BBC One in 2011 and has become popular around the world.

The third season of Luther has already aired in the U.K., and will debut in the U.S. next week, for four consecutive nights at 10p.m.EST, Sept. 3-6.

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