Big Sean In Rap’s Hall of Fame

Big Sean’s new album “Hall Of Fame” was finally released this week. The Detroit rapper sat down with Revolt TV to talk about the album.

In the interview, Sean seems mostly concerned with creating timeless music. He says it’s cool to display different rap flows and cadences, but “I don’t make a album to show you that all the time. I made this album because there are moments that live longer than. A lot of the flows that people think are dope, two years from now [there will] be doper flows and those songs don’t even matter no more. [Those songs] ain’t helping nobody cope with their life. As opposed to songs like ‘World A Blaze’ can relate to somebody forever. It can relate to somebody whose mom has cancer.”

Big Sean says what brought emotional moments like that home for him, was when a girlfriend of his had cancer.

“Hall Of Fame” is a great piece of work, and is a great example of a new group of rappers who seem ready to take rap to the next generation.

Check out Big Sean’s entire “Hall Of Fame” below.

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