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Karrueche Calms Chris Brown During Hawaii Trip For Music Video

Chris Brown was ranting on Twitter about the outcome of his community service trial, but a trip to Hawaii with Karrueche Tran by his side as he worked on a new music video seemed to be all he needed to calm down and move on.

It is said all it takes to make a guy a better man is to pair him up with a better woman, and that could very well be true for Chris and Kae.

Breezy’s bad boy antics were quite common while he was dating the R&B bad girl Rihanna, but whenever Karrueche is in the picture she is able to help Chris keep a level head.

The pair took off to Hawaii together and the “Fine China” singer struggled to stay focused with his gorgeous gal pal nearby.

Between shoots, Chris and Karrueche were inseparable as they were spotted cuddling and laughing. It’s the happiest most of his fans have seen Chris in a while.

It’s no surprise that the petite model was all it took to brighten up Brown’s mood, however, because she looked absolutely stunning.

Karrueche was wearing a baggy pair of pants with a polka dot bandeau and fashioned her hair into two cute buns. She completed the look with dramatic gold jewelry and quite frankly, looked more than stylish enough to be make an appearance in her boo’s music video.

Although she wasn’t spotted actually filming for the video, she made an effort to blend in with the Asian theme. While Chris was practicing karate moves and wearing dual katana swords strapped to his back, Karrueche’s double bun and red stripe of lipstick down the center of her lips channeled her inner Geisha-girl style.

Of course, the couple took advantage of their tropical location even when Chris wasn’t filming.

Brown and Tran were  spotted out and about in Hawaii, just having a good time together.  It appears his loyal “girlfriend” and the serene environment inspired Brown to have a more positive outlook on the 1,000 hours of community service he has ahead of him.

“I’m truly happy to have my fans and life,” he tweeted. “Even wt the bs. Can’t make a leader… They have to be chosen by the people. #iju love..”

“The community service isn’t a problem anymore,” he added. “I’ll do whatever duty I need to fulfill my requirements as a man and a leader.”

Needless to say, doing the community service should be less about him trying to prove himself as a leader (we’re still not convinced he even is one because Team Breezy doesn’t really count) and more about just helping the community.

His intentions may not exactly be in the right place, but his positive outlook on the situation is a lot better than the tweets he initially sent out.

“N**** done 6 months community service wit police and the DA racist a** crying to the judge that I didn’t do it,” he tweeted when he initially heard the ruling. “F*** the system!!”

We aren’t sure why he accused the Los Angeles district attorney of racism as she is an African-American woman herself.

At the end of the day Breezy might want to hold off on his “f*** the system” tweets, because that’s the very same system that kept him from spending the years behind bars that others have been forced to serve for committing the same crime that he did.

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