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‘America’s Got Talent’ Semifinals Week 1

America’s Got Talent” Season 8 Semifinals Week 1 airs tonight on NBC.

This week, the “America’s Got Talent” semifinals kick off with 12 remaining acts performing at Radio City Music Hall in New York City in an effort to get one step closer to the $1 million cash prize. They have one more chance to impress the judges and America, and make it to the final round. There were only ten acts announced for tonight’s show. The KriStef Brothers posted a Facebook message explaining how a serious injury to Kristofer’s neck during a high fall in rehearsal will sideline them until Sept. 3. There is no word on another act filling in for them.

Here are the nine confirmed acts for tonight’s episode:

1. Tone the Chiefrocca

2. Angela Hoover

3. Innovative Force

4. Taylor Williamson

5. Duo Resonance

6. Jonathan Allen

7. Collins Key

8. Cami Bradley

9.  Forte

Tune in to NBC tonight at 8 PM to catch “America’s Got Talent” Semifinals Week 1 to see if your favorite act will make the cut.



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