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Speeding Up: iPhone 5S Expected To Be 31% Faster

As Apple gets closer its September 10th event and the expected unveiling of the new iPhone 5S, more rumors and leaks continue to swirl. Last week the rumor had to do with aesthetics, as it’s said that Apple will release a gold version of the 5S. This week the news revolves around the technology of the phone. The new iPhone 5S is reported to include a new 64-bit A7 processor, making it 31 percent faster than the current iPhone 5, which uses a A6 processor. According to

“Apple has decided to move to a 64-bit A7 processor and that by doing so the iPhone 5S is showing a 31 percent performance gain over the A6 chip in the iPhone 5. That’s massive if true. It would make using the new smartphone and iOS 7 a very enjoyable and fluid experience.”

The claim was first made by Fox News anchor Clay Morris via his Twitter page. Although a 64-bit processor would make the phone hypothetically faster, points out that may not be the case when you consider new features to be included, stating:

“Of course, the performance boost the A7 chip introduces, even if it is as high as 31 percent, may be offset by the new features Apple includes with the handset. Motion tracking and slow-motion video will require extra processing power, especially for HD video capture. And we can’t forget the rumored fingerprint scanner to help make the 5S a more secure device.”

The new versions of the iPhone 5S, and the expected cheaper iPhone 5C will soon be here, so there will be no need for further speculation. But of course with Apple, once one product is released, the tech world will simply begin speculating about their next move.

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