iPhone 5S Rumor May Be Worth Its Weight in Gold


As we get closer to Apple’s iPhone event scheduled for September 10, more rumors are surfacing about iPhone 5S. The latest rumor trending on the Internet is the gold tone of the new phone. Although this is quite out of the ordinary for a company that has stuck to minimalist tones, reports have been ‘confirmed’ by a couple of manufacturers. As reported by usatoday.com:

“If you’ve noticed #iphonegold showing up all over Twitter, there’s a good reason.

“The Internet on Monday lit up over reports that the next iPhone, set for unveiling on Sept. 10, could be available in black, white and gold. If Apple does indeed launch a gold iPhone, it would be the first color added to the iconic device since its debut in 2007.”

The new gold iPhone allegedly will not look like a gold brick, it may look more champagne, with the brushed finish of the current white iPhone 5. According to techcrunch.com:

“Perhaps most importantly, I’m told that the golden iPhone will not be a totally blinged-out gold. Originally, Ritchie included a mock-up on the top of his post that resembled an iPhone with a golden shell akin to a brick of gold bullion. I was told this image was inaccurate and that the actual gold iPhone would be much more subtle in color. Think: less ‘gold’ and more ‘champagne.”

Although the gold look will be a drastic deviation from past iPhone models, there are a few reasons why Apple may actually go that route. As also reported by techcrunch.com:

“It’s entirely possible that Apple decided to keep the focus on white and black (again, silver and slate) for the high-end model, while choosing more playful colors for the lower end. But some people, bored of black and white, may have opted for the 5C simply to add some color to their iLives. So the gold iPhone 5S (with a white front plate, one would assume) would seem to be a decent compromise in that scenario.

“A number of folks have noted that a gold iPhone would likely do well in the Chinese and Indian markets as well, where the color is very popular.”

The new iPhone release is scheduled to be announced at Apple’s September 10 event, where a new, lower priced iPhone, a fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5S, and a thinner iPad are expected be revealed.

Stay tuned, as there’s sure to be a lot more hearsay leading up to the event.


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