Robert Griffin III Laughs Off NFL’s $10,000 Fine

Robert Griffin III joked about the $10,000 fine he received from the NFL for wearing unauthorized apparel before a Monday night preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The laughter came at the Redskins’ annual Welcome Home Luncheon after an auction for the charity ended. Griffin was speaking because he had just been named 2012 Offensive Player of the Year by the alumni.

He opened by saying, “Those auctioneers did a good job. I would’ve given them 10 grand, but the NFL took it away from me this week.”

Griffin’s remark drew laughter from the crowd, according to reports.

Griffin was punished after wearing his “Operation Patience” T-shirt before the Steelers game. The shirt was an expression of Griffin’s own recovery process, coming back from his knee surgery and eager to play.

This isn’t the first time Griffin has been penalized over apparel. He was fined $10,000 for wearing Adidas clothing to a post-game news conference against Cleveland last December. The NFL has a sponsorship deal with Nike.

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