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Kanye West Unveils Baby North’s Photo on Kris Jenner’s Show

After months of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian hiding Baby North West from the world, the very first glimpse of their daughter was revealed on Kris Jenner’s talk show, “Kris.”

Following reports that the couple decided to forgo multimillion-dollar offers from tabloids in favor of something more classy, speculation on how Kim and Kanye would release the first photo of baby North has been running amok. But the 35-year-old rapper made a rare appearance on  his girlfriend’s mother’s talk show on Friday, explaining their decision to introduce their 2-month-old daughter on daytime TV.

“It’s all this talk about baby pictures and, ‘Can you get paid for the baby picture? Do you want to put it on a magazine?'” West said. “To stop all the noise, I thought it would be really cool on her grandmother’s season finale to bring a picture of North.”

Kanye forgot to mention the part about rescuing Jenner’s failing talk show, but he did remain calm and refrained from the obnoxious behavior he’s known for.

After showing the family photo, Jenner asked West who he thought the baby resembled most.

“I pray she looks like her mother when she’s older!” he quipped.

“I think she has Kim’s eyes,” Jenner noted. “I think she has your lips. Some days she has your lips and some days she has Kim’s lips.”

West, who currently lives with Kardashian in Jenner’s home, went on and on about his love for Kim throughout the interview.

“I was in love with her before I even got to even talk to her,” he said. “Of course being in the limelight you have to have a match or like, someone that’s equally yoked and it’s difficult… And when I would be on the phone with her, even at my lowest moment, she’d give me energy and remind me of who I was, and I needed that support at all times.”

West also opened up about being a new father, telling Jenner:

“What I think about as a dad is just protection. That’s my instinct.”

Check out the full baby North West photo below:

courtesy of Fox
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