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‘America’s Next Top Model’ Season 20, Episode 5: ‘The Girl Who Went Around in Circles’

Renee and Cory

America’s Next Top Model,” season 20, episode 5: “The Girl Who Went Around in Circles” airs tonight on The CW.

It’s Friday night and the girls and guys and Tyra are back for a brand new drama-filled episode of America’s Next Top Model.  Tonight’s show titled “The Girl Who Went Around in Circles,” features a spinning runway.

The models have their balance tested when they have to walk on a spinning runway during a turntable challenge judged by the editor-in-chief of Nylon Magazine, Marvin Scott Jarrett. Later, the contestants are styled in “trailer-park chic” for a photo shoot.

Find out who impressed the judges and who was eliminated when America’s Next Top Model, season 20, episode 5: “The Girl Who Went Around in Circles” premiers tonight at 9 p.m.EST / 8 p.m. CST on The CW.

Check out a preview clip of what’s going down tonight, and while you’re at it, take a look at the hot episode 5 photos below.




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