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Vine Still Creeping After Gaining 40M Users

Twitter’s popular video service, Vine, is still growing its user base in light of competition from Instagram video. When the Facebook-owned Instagram introduced video sharing in June, most people thought it would signal the death of Vine, but new numbers released by the company speak to the contrary. As reported by

“Seems like Vine’s user growth hasn’t shown signs of stopping. The Twitter-owned video-sharing application announced a new set of user numbers on Tuesday afternoon, saying that the app is now home to 40 million people. That’s an increase of 27 million people over the course of just two and a half months, and a welcome bump for the Twitter and Vine teams, given the concern about how Instagram’s new video product would affect Vine’s momentum.”

The uptick in numbers for Vine is partly attributed to the Android version’s release in June, which gave Vine access to the previously untapped Android base. While it’s good news that Vine has vastly increased its user base, their numbers don’t tell the entire story, because they don’t reflect the number of monthly active users—which is a better measurement of how well the service is doing. As also noted by

“Before all the breathless congratulations, there’s one important distinction to make here: That’s 40 million registered users, not monthly actives — an industry-standard metric that Facebook first started long ago. Apps today live and die by their MAU number, and it would be nice if Vine gave us that.”

Regardless of the true level of interaction that Vine is getting from its users, it is still an impressive feat to have grown overall numbers almost threefold in a few short months. Now that they have captured more users, they can continue to innovate the application to spur more user interaction.

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