Nike’s Lebron James Ad Inspires All to Just Do It Better

Check out Nike’s new ad featuring Miami’s own Lebron James.

After all the business of winning a championship is done, it’s time for James to put in work for that seven-year $90 million contract he signed with the company back in 2003.

Nike’s latest inspirational James ad show a montage of scenes; a woman outrunning a movie star, a man jumping on a huge rhino, a bully picking on UFC Champ Jon Jones-bad idea; and finally a kid who is about to battle James in a slam dunk contest but is stopped by the announcer.

The ad is described as followed, and in the ‘about’ section of Nike’s YouTube page:

“We’re all capable of a little more — a little faster, a little higher, a little stronger, a little more. And when we look at all of the little things we’ve done, we’ll see the big things we’re doing.”

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