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No Good Deed: Dwyane Wade’s Foundation Sued by Patron at Charity Event

Dwyane Wade’s charity organization, Wade’s World Foundation, is facing a $50,000 lawsuit from a woman claiming to have suffered injuries after being struck with a bass drum mallet.

Andrea Alexander was attending the foundation’s ‘Chicago Has Talent’ event last year, when a drummer from a high school marching band hit her in the head causing “permanent” injury.

According to Bleacher Report:

“The legal issue at stake is whether or not there was any negligence on the part of Wade’s foundation. In order to establish that, Alexander will first have to show she was actually harmed. The claim of ‘severe and permanent’ injury might be tenuous, but then again, marching bands aren’t there to drum softly.”

Alexander believes the foundation was negligent in allowing the band to play in the narrow aisle. She is also suing the venue and the band’s high school.


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