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Love, Money, Sex: Potential Relationship Landmines

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These three factors are responsible for many relationship troubles. Here’s how to tackle them…

One problem or the other plagues all relationships at some point. While many people decide to ignore their issues and keep hanging on to the relationship, others give up without making any attempt to work it out. While you may feel that you are the one with all the problems, the other person may also have complaints about your behavior. Here are some problems that are bound to figure on your list and the way to go about solving them.

If you feel men are the only ones who have issues with their sex lives, think again. A recent survey says that more than 64 percent of women are unhappy with their partner’s performance in bed. To keep the chemistry in your relationship intact, talk it out.

– Don’t feel shy to admit your issues to your partner. It is likely that your spouse/partner doesn’t realize that you are unhappy.
– Spice it up. Ask your partner if there is something that he/she would like to experience sexually.
– Consider consulting a therapist. What might seem like a performance issue may actually be a serious problem. Go to a therapist and see if it helps.

Should it be my money or our money? Whether it’s before or after marriage, cash can cause trouble. A recent survey states that more couples now prefer to have separate bank accounts. Is this a healthy trend? Most experts think it is, as long as they pitch in equally for household expenses. Here’s how you can sort your cash worries:

– Give you partner a clear indication of what you expect out of him/her every month.
– Try to work a system when one can be the saver and the other the spender. Or put aside equal amounts for savings–but be flexible in case of a cash crunch.
– Don’t hide debts from each other.
– Plan your short-term and long-term goals…

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