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Just In Time: Playstation 4 To Launch Nov. 15


Sony announced the release date for their highly anticipated game console, Playstation 4, at a press conference today. The PS4 will be released Nov. 15, just in time for the holiday shopping frenzy. According to

“Mark your calendars, gamers: Sony has announced that its anticipated new console, the PlayStation 4, will debut in North American on Nov. 15 and will be available in Europe two weeks later.”

The company made the announcement Tuesday at Gamescom, Europe’s answer to L.A.’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

“Sony has promised that the PlayStation 4 will offer players more power, faster response time, higher performance, better playability and the increased mobility to ‘take gaming out of the living room.”

Sony makes the announcement as they’re in the midst of a gaming competition with Microsoft, who’s offering a new version of their Xbox console, the Xbox One. Thus far, the PS4 is winning the perception of public opinion. As reported by

“The release date announcement was yet another jab at Microsoft. The company recently announced delays for the Xbox One in a number of regions.”

Sony also announced that the new play station will support the gaming streaming service, Twitch. According to

“Twitch, formerly, allows gamers to stream their play to viewers online. If that sounds niche to you, you are a bit behind. Twitch serves content from more than half a million streaming users to 38 million unique viewers each month.”

The PS4 is said to be released with a host of new games between Nov. 15  and the end of the year. Including popular titles like NBA 2K ‘14, Call Of Duty, Madden 25, FIFA, and Assassin’s Creed to name a few.

Check out the launch trailer below and let us know: Will PS4 or Xbox One prove the better console this holiday season.


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