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Food for Life: Soursop Fruit Can Help Fight Cancer

The guyabano, otherwise known as the custard apple or soursop fruit, is deemed by some as one of the miracle cures for cancer.

There have been various websites and claims that say that guyabano, from the tree to its leaves, bark and fruit, is capable of killing cancer cells naturally. Research conducted back in 1976 says that one chemical found in guyabano is about 10,000 times more powerful and potent than a drug used for chemotherapy called Adriamycin. The results of the study prompted the Department of Science and Technology of the Philippines to develop a supplement made from the guyabano fruit.

Read on to discover more about this miraculous plant.

What is the guyabano?

The guyabano (Anona muricata) is a tree that grows about five to seven meters high. It bears a pear-shaped fruit that is green in color and has soft spines. This tree is native to the Caribbean, Central America, South America and African countries in the sub-Saharan area. The tree can also be found in most countries in Southeast Asia.

The matured fruit usually weighs about two to five kilograms and is ovoid in shape. The skin is thin and it has a whitish pulp that is soft, fleshy, and fibrous. The flavor is distinct – tangy and citrus. The fruits are ripe when the skin is yellowish or shiny green in color.

The benefits of consuming guyabano

The guyabano has been found to posses medicinal properties that many would benefit from…

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