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Low Blow: Antonio Smith Uses Incognito’s Helmet Against Him During Preseason Game

Houston Texans defensive end Antonio Smith is in big trouble with the NFL for ripping Richie Incognito’s helmet off and using it as a weapon against the Miami Dolphin.

Antonio Smith

The NFL is expected to rule on the matter Tuesday. Smith may be suspended for up to two preseason games, and fined by the league.

The incident happened in the second quarter of Saturday’s game, when Incognito was attempting to block Smith. Incognito grabbed the face mask of Smith, who responded by snatching Incognito’s helmet off and swinging it at his head.

After the game, Smith blew off any questions regarding the matter.

“Next question,” he told reporters after the game. “I kind of took a blow to the head. I can’t remember.”

Smith and Incognito have a history of getting into physical altercations during games. ESPN reports that Smith was fined $21,000 last season for kicking Incognito. That  penalty was reduced to $11,000 after Smith’s appeal, which he claims is based on his retaliation to Incognito for intentionally twisting his ankle.

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