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‘America’s Got Talent’ Episode 18: Quarterfinals Week 5

America’s Got Talent” Season 8, Episode 18 Quarterfinals Week 5 Wild Cards will amaze with 12 live performances from Radio City Music Hall in New York City at 9 PM on NBC.

Only 12 of the 60 acts sent to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall remain. They will be putting forth their best renditions to convince America they have what it takes to get to the next level.

There will be a wild card round. The judges will also choose four acts from the 40 that have been eliminated by the end of this week’s quarterfinals competition.

Here are the 12 performers who will be taking the stage when “America’s Got Talent” Episode 18 airs tonight at 9 PM on NBC.

D’Angelo & Amanda
Ruby & Jonas
Sam Johnson
John Wing
Melody Cabellero
Dave Fenley
Duo Resonance
The Virginia State University Gospel Chorale
Selena Mykenzie Gordon


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