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Airlines With Surprising Names

Photo Credit: shyb via flickr

Here’s a blast from the past. Anyone remember these airlines? Busy Bee, Flamingo, Velvet Sky and Birdy. Or how about Teddy or Ted? These were names of real carriers but sadly all have long since flown to that great hangar in the sky.

Lucky for us there are plenty of other oddly named airlines still around and here are some of them. I admit I haven’t flown most of them but next time I get the urge to climb Mt. Everest, you can be sure I’ll give Yeti Airlines a shot.

A few of my favorite oddly named airlines follow, in no particular order:


This India-based, low-cost airline has been around for 20 years and is a favorite with its countrymen, which probably has more to do with its cheap flights than melodious name, but it does fire up the imagination. One of my employees envisions flight attendant Posh screaming at everyone to turn off their electronic devices, though I like the idea of a cargo hold brimming with cinnamon. The carrier’s inflight magazine does feature interesting recipes with intriguing ingredients including plenty of spices. Juniper-flavored chicken pasta, anyone?

Yeti Airlines

The Nepal-based carrier’s planes display a striking logo of a very large footprint – get it? And get used to it because this little airline loves its Abominable Snowman mascot and will happily sell you all kinds of Yeti-inspired memorabilia including T-shirts featuring the hirsute monster with the legend, “I exist.” Or maybe you’d prefer a pair of furry “Big Foot” slippers featuring protruding claws (a bargain at $4.50). Sorry, these items can only be purchased at the Kathmandu airport or aboard a Yeti Airlines flight.

You say a trip to the Himalayas isn’t on your vacation agenda this year? SkyMall has the next best thing to being there with a life-size garden Yeti statue ($2,250).

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