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Toni Braxton Needs New Fans After Wardrobe Malfunction Exposes her Butt

Toni Braxton experienced a revealing wardrobe malfunction while performing in New Jersey earlier this week, but it took quite some time for her fans to decide to alert her about the rear-exposing slip up.

Toni’s fans have been begging to see her return to the music scene, so when she announced that she would be launching a short tour, it seemed like they all got what they asked for.

Her fans expected her to sing her heart out, they expected the sexy outfits—but nobody expected this.

The crowd erupted in extremely loud cheers when Toni turned around, inadvertently revealing that the skirt of her dazzling ensemble had slipped down enough to show her butt.

These moments don’t come around often, so the fans enjoyed it for as long as they could.

The fakest fans of all, however, were the ones who actually got the opportunity to join Braxton on stage and still didn’t decide to tell her about her exposed rear.

Half-way through the performance, however, the “Unbreak My Heart” singer realized something was wrong and tried several times to adjust her dress.

After many failed attempts, other members from her team, including a backup dancer, tried to step up to fix the garment.

It isn’t clear what caused the skirt to slip, but everyone’s efforts to correct it were fruitless.

Being the true professional, Braxton wasn’t going to let it stop her. She simply took the next best option and continued singing. An older fan slipped Braxton his jacket so she should cover up.

Many have viewed the image and video that went viral shortly after the incident. Of course, she doesn’t have much to be embarrassed about. Although her rear end was exposed, it was a fabulous and toned rear end that had ladies in the crowd wishing they would have done just a few more squats before the show.

If you really look at it, this may have been less a wardrobe malfunction than a really spontaneous, yet incredibly fabulous wardrobe change, as the nude bodysuit under the oversized blazer was a sexy look.


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2 thoughts on “Toni Braxton Needs New Fans After Wardrobe Malfunction Exposes her Butt

  1. Blanca Nieves says:

    I was at this concert. Toni put on a great show. And just like a real performer she continued the show and rocked it till the end. She couldn't have given me a better show for my birthday!!!! I was the happiest fan that night.

  2. Isaac Wofford says:

    it is mean for the article to say they weren't real fans. How are they supposed to know what her designer suit is even supposed to look like if it isn't malfunctioning? They'sve never seen it before! If I was next to a person famous enough to pull me up on stage I would only be able to give words of support, I would be unable to criticize the superstar because it wouldn't be my place (too intimidating). If they noticed they probably didn't know what to say. It isn't their job to dress her, it is her job to look a certain way. The fans didn't fail Toni and Toni didn't fail the fans. But it is probably a perfect "sexy thing that might happen" in order to kickstart her tour.

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