Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick Outstanding in 2nd Preseason Game

Michael Vick has stepped his game up in the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback competition. Thursday night Vick separated himself by doing everything possible to win the starting quarterback job.

Nick Foles, who is competing with Vick, looked good for a second consecutive preseason game. But Vick was outstanding.

On Thursday night, Vick completed his first nine passes for 105 yards and rushed for another 20. These numbers completely distanced him from Foles, who started for the Eagles against the Carolina Panthers.

Vick appears to be very comfortable with head coach Chip Kelly’s new offense. He had just two incompletions on 15 preseason passes.

“I think this year within this offense taught me how to prepare myself again and how to gain that confidence,” Vick told “How to approach the game because it all starts with your belief and your faith. I know I can get it done. I know I’m one of the best in this league.”

Fole started out well by taking the Eagles down to the five-yard line on his first drive, but then he made mental error and threw an interception in the red zone to end the series.

The Philadelphia Eagles won the preseason game 14-9 over the Panthers.

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