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‘Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman Admits Bullying was Strictly for Ratings, Gears up for Positive Season 5

Tami Roman stumbled upon a formula for her aggressive, loudmouth, bullying character on VH1’s “Basketball Wives and rode it until the wheels fell off.

In a promotional video leading up to the fifth season of “Basketball Wives,” Roman revealed:

“I came into the situation one way and I said, ‘OK. That’s working, Let me just stay there,’ and it worked until it didn’t work. Now, I had to take responsibility and dial back and open more of myself up. It’s just me really showing 100 percent of myself and not one aspect.”

At the end of the fourth season, fans were shocked when veteran stars Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed were fired, leaving the two most aggressive characters, Roman and Evelyn Lozada, on payroll. After a few petitions and an uproar on social media, producer Shaunie O’Neal promised a change. For her part, Roman explained, viewers will see her more polished side.

“My approach to this season was to basically learn how to talk to the ladies and be more of a voice rather than a fist. It’s not that Tami didn’t know how to articulate. It’s not that Tami doesn’t know how to interact with other people, but I chose to only use one dynamic of myself. I am very articulate. I am educated. I have worked in corporate America.”

Time will tell.


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