Lakers Owners Jeanie and Jim Buss Differ on Dwight Howard Departure

Photo by Flickr/Scott Mecum

Los Angeles Lakers owners Jeanie and Jim Buss have both expressed their feelings publicly about the departure of Dwight Howard.

In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Jim said Howard “was never really a Laker. He was just passing through.”

In a recent interview, Jeanie’s opinion of the Howard’s exit differed.

“It’s disappointing that Dwight isn’t here,” Jeanie said. “I feel like we failed him.”

The free agent center left  the Los Angeles Lakers and signed a four-year deal with the Houston Rockets worth $88 million.

In February, longtime Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss died from cancer. His executive position and ownership passed to two of his children, Jeanie and Jim. Jeanie is in charge of business and Jim is in charge of basketball operations.

“My brother ultimately makes the [basketball] decisions,” said Jeanie. “I defer and will continue to defer because that’s what my dad believed would be successful.”

Jeanie let it be known that she would like to be more involved with the Lakers’ basketball decisions.

“I would be more comfortable if I understood what the decision process was, and I’m not always involved in it,” she continued. “To be held accountable by the league and not have a seat at the table when decisions are made is hard.”

Jeanie also said she believes her father might have had success persuading Howard to stay in LA.

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