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Move, Get Out The Way! Bull Run Bystander Gets Painful Surprise

Being aware of your surroundings can be crucial to survival. This lesson was learned the hard way by a bystander who accidentally became part of a bull run. While the setting is not clear in the video, it may be safe to assume it’s somewhere in Spain, where bull runs are popular.

Bull runs are events where bulls are released to run alongside participants as spectators cheer. The controversial event often results in injuries or even death, though they rare.

In the video above, a spectator accidentally and painfully becomes part of a Running of the Bulls, when a small herd charges the crowd. Because his back is turned toward the event, he doesn’t know the animals are approaching. The victim, who seems to be focused on getting a money shot of some unknown thing, appears completely oblivious to all the screaming. He gets a painful surprise when the bulls descend on his location.

Take a look at how the situation unfolds in the video above.

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