Chris Brown Shares Morbid Thoughts on Twitter After Seizure

Is Chris Brown showing signs of a mental breakdown? If his Twitter feed and latest health scare are any indication, Brown needs some time off.

Last Friday while at a recording studio, the R&B singer suffered a non-epileptic seizure.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation via,

“Non-epileptic seizures, unlike epileptic seizures, are not related to abnormal electrical charges in the brain. Instead the origin of a non-epileptic seizure is usually psychological rather than physical.”

Brown’s rep added that his doctor attributed the seizure to “intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress.”

To further support his fragile emotional state, Brown tweeted on Saturday, “They won’t love u until u r a memory…”

Not surprisingly, the tweet was later deleted.

It is unclear what happened over the next 24 hours, but the “Fine China” singer was all smiles on Sunday at a charity basketball games. Brown’s Symphonic Love Foundation squad was on hand to play against the LAPD squad to promote unity and support gang intervention Los Angeles.

Let’s hope Brown will do what is necessary when the time comes for a peace of mind.


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