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What Is LeBron James Doing On Jury Duty?

Lebron James was summoned to court, but not the 50 feet by 94 feet pine wood that the all star is used to. James tweeted on Thursday morning that he was heading in for jury duty and posted photos on his Instagram account, allegedly of him readying to perform his civic duty.

James was back in his hometown for jury duty, though the Miami Heat star never had the chance to serve as a juror. He arrived at the Summit County Courthouse around 8:20 a.m., but was sent right back home along with the rest of the jury pool about 9:30 after two criminal trials were postponed. The Miami Heat champ waited patiently, reading a book in the jury foreman’s office, Sheriff’s Lt. Kandy Fatheree told the Akron Beacon Journal.

The notion of the 6′ 8″ NBA superstar being selected for a jury would certainly be too distracting for any court proceedings. James will never be selected for jury duty.

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