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Good Deed: Nas Launches Campaign to Help Single Dad of 8 Kids

Nas is putting his money where his mouth is. The Queensbridge rapper jumped at the chance to help a fellow single father in need.

Stanley Young, an unemployed construction worker from Washington, D.C., lost his home to a fire, displacing him and his eight children.

According to ABC News D.C. affiliate, WJLA:

“Young and his family have been temporarily residing in a hotel for the last two weeks, after a fire destroyed their home two weeks ago. Though the hotel has provided temporary shelter for the family, they must move out by August 13.”

After watching the heartbreaking story on the news, Nas was compelled to help. He wrote on the crowdsourcing site Crowdtilt:

“Stanley Young is an unemployed construction worker and single father. Two weeks ago, a fire destroyed his home. His family is stuck in a hotel, but time is running out. I could barely watch his tragic story on the news… here’s the clip: — they will be kicked out by August 13th if we don’t do something to help now.

“I am also a single father, and we don’t get enough credit in this country. I’m committed to helping Stanley and his eight (yes 8!) kids. Moreover, I believe and hope that we should all, as a community, come together to help our fellow American men and women when they need us in desperate situations like this. See if you can’t find a few dollars to help the Youngs get back on their feet with me. We need to raise enough to extend their stay, and maybe even afford a downpayment on a new house or something.

“This is real. It is me. I’m putting in $5,000 myself. Never done something like this, but I have faith that our American community can pull together a miracle for this strong family who needs our help right now. If we can get to the $20,000 goal, I’ll put in another $5,000, too.

Thanks and God bless.”

The crowdsourcing campaign proved successful. With the help of over 400+ people, Nas has helped raised over $33,000 and counting. Donate here to help Young and his family.

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