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Back To The Future: Senic Laser Rangefinder Revolutionizes DIY Projects

If you watch HGTV regularly and are constantly planning DIY home improvement projects, then the video above will probably make you happier than Dikembe Mutumbo while blocking shots.

Senic is a wireless laser rangefinder that takes measurements around the house and syncs it directly to your iOS or Android devices. From there, you can instantaneously create floor plans, make quotes for projects and share your details directly from your phone. According to

“The use of a cloud-based platform for collecting and storing measurement data, as well as Senic’s plans to expand their hardware catalog to include a number of different hardware devices, including micrometers, gauges, and other tools that builders and engineers use regularly in their work. Senic co-founder Toby Eichenwald explained that he got the idea working for his father’s company in Korea, and learned from its customers that the measurement industry was essentially ‘stuck in the 80s.”‘

So Eichenwald’s goal is to bring us out of the 80’s and propel us well into the 21st century. He also exclaims that they’re focusing on apps so that they can become a tool that can simplify the building process for architects and other building enthusiasts. As also noted on

“The laser distance meter they’re building has a 200-foot range, is accurate up to 0.075 inches, is water and dust resistant and features single button operation. It will retail for $149 in stores, but is available to pre-order customers through the Senic website starting today for just $99. The Floorplan app for iPad (Android support coming soon, now that Android 4.3 supports Bluetooth Low Energy) allows a user to record length and width measurements and build a model in the software, and then rooms can be dragged and positioned next to each other to mimic the actual floor layout. The Price quotes app outputs an invoice that can be emailed, and offers in-app customer sign-off for approving work orders.

“’We’ve talked to a lot of architects, engineers and really big firms here in the Bay area to see what problems they’re going through, and that’s why we’re focusing on apps first because they solve the biggest problem,’ Eichenwald said. “People in the building industry are under huge money and time pressures, and anything that can save them a lot of time and make their lives easier is so valuable to them.”

The Senic laser rangefinder looks quite interesting, especially as they provide it openly for developers to integrate into their own apps, the possibilities are endless.

Check out the video and tell us what you think.



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