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TMI: Nicki Minaj Shares Topless Photo on Twitter

If Beyonce’s new haircut isn’t enough to send Twitter into a frenzy, Nicki Minaj is happy to provide additional mania. The “Pink Friday” rapper shared a topless photo, showing off her ample bosom with the help of her long black hair to offer some modesty.

While Nicki’s topless photo doesn’t compare to Beyonce’s less-than-provocative pixie cut snap, she is in direct competition with another selfie obsessed singer, Rihanna.

Last month, in an effort to join Twitter’s Thong Thursday theme, Nick posted an image of her rear in a pink thong. It’s unclear what theme caused her to feature her boobs late last night.

During the “Rude Boy” singer’s return to her home in Barbados for its annual carnival, Ri Ri  flooded Instagram yesterday with a few sexy bikini photos. Taking a break from dancing in the streets in a barely there carnival costume, Rihanna showed off her toned figured in a snakeskin string bikini bottom and black top.

‘Snakes X Skin #snakeskin,’ she wrote.

Beyonce has managed to keep her brand in tact despite being active on social media, but are entertainers like Rihanna and Nicki damaging their brand equity?

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