High Times: Weed Delivery Available in Seattle

It looks like marijuana legalization is gaining even more ground in the United States.  After Colorado and Washington became the first states to fully legalize cannibis, it seem that the homestretch for the end of pot prohibition is on the horizon.

This is made more evident by the new marijuana industry that is emerging in Colorado and Washington, particularly in the city of Seattle, where a person who doesn’t feel like or is unable to make a trip to the local dispensary, can now make a call and have the product delivered to their door in less than 30 minutes. Thanks to a family operation called Nurse Nancy’s Medical Marijuana Delivery, Seattle’s cancer patients and others with debilitating diseases no longer have to leave the comfort of their home when their stash gets low.

Michael Loudon started the business with his sister and mother, Nurse Nancy.  “A lot of these people have cancer and debilitating conditions,” said Loudon. “If we can make it easier for them to get their medication and easier for them to live, yeah, I feel really happy about that.”

If Nurse Nancy threw in a couple of pizzas with that delivery, the business model could make Silicon Valley look like a lemonade stand.  “I can see the want ads now,” stated one Internet commenter,  “WANTED:  Door-to-Door delivery person.  Must have own transportation.  Teenagers and surfers may not apply.  Sorry, we do not give merchandise bonuses in lieu of financial compensation.  Apply within.”

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