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‘R&B Divas: LA’ Episode 5 ‘Diva’s Divided’

On the next “R&B Divas: LA” Season 1 Episode 5 “Diva’s Divided,” Kelly decides to come back and give Fred one more chance after storming out of the last rehearsal. She is having trouble trusting Fred because she feels she just doesn’t know him. Finally, Kelly decides enough is enough! Meanwhile, Dawn is exploring what could be the most important adventure of her lifetime.

The next chapter in TV One’s highly successful “R&B Divas” reality franchise unfolds with a new series, “R&B Divas: LA.” The series, following the lives and careers of Kelly Price, Chante Moore, Lil’ Mo, Claudette Ortiz, Michel’le and Dawn Robinson, will begin production this month in Los Angeles with an anticipated premiere on TV One in 2013. Over eight episodes, viewers and fans will follow these multitalented ladies as they seek to individually and collectively re-establish themselves in the pop culture limelight with new deals, new drama and new directions for their careers and their lives. Success is the only option for these six friends – but is there room at the top for them all?

Watch “R&B Divas: LA” Season 1 Episode 5 “Diva’s Divided” at 10:00PM on TV One.

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28 thoughts on “‘R&B Divas: LA’ Episode 5 ‘Diva’s Divided’

  1. I can't stand Big ole Kelly. She is so rude. Chante and the others are ladies. To bad Kelly want to be a gangster Bitch. Ugly people need to be nice.

  2. Joseph Dorsey says:

    If that's how Kelly really is then I don't want to listen to her or see her. Ego's

  3. Aquanette Jardese Honora- Freeman says:

    Yeah. Kelly is on some other shhhh she's is rude as hell and if everybody leave she's gonna have a Nonologue…lol

  4. LaTrina Cathy Barrett says:

    I have really lost respect for Kelly Price, i know the show has to have drama for the ratings but this is so ugly.if Kelly was the brains of this idea she should have had a since of direction from beginning to end , even in her seems she is using her weight, and bold personality try to scare these ladys, i am just sad at her attitude.sad Ms Kelly just sad.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I understand Kelly's territorial attitude about her idea and vision. All this could have been avoided had she told them from "jump" that she had her own people in mind for directing…that and showing up to initial meetings would have prevented all this drama. I like all the Divas, but I think that Angie Stone had a point. Why can't these powerful talent black sister's get along and make the damn thing work! Unreal! and a little sad too!

  6. I was really enjoying the l.a. divas compared to the other ones whereever they came from, I thought they showed great personalities especially "lil mo" and I was real proud of them , now what the hell is going on if this acting then I get it but if this is real I'd prefer to take it off now because it's beginning to stink, they already say black women don't get along why prove it………………

  7. I'am appauled by kelly's behavior ratings or no ratings WOW.

  8. Emma Bolton says:

    "What the Hell"……I think we all didn't see that coming……clearly Ms. Price… some underline issues….she hurting the show….I finally thought we could finally have some womans with grace and essence…betray the black woman …Ms chante,Ms lil mo and the other ladies….thanks for being grown and sexy true Divas"….the show can go on without Ms angry….please don't kill the vibe damn!

  9. I can't believe that Kelly Price is acting like a bitch. The sad thing is that I have her music in my IPod. Yup, she's the new Nicci Gilbert for sure. Chante Moore is not going to put up with her behavior anytime soon. Don't let the sweetness fool you.

  10. Kelly Price is not ugly, but her attitude is. She has a pretty face but with her being big, you're right, she needs to humble herself.

  11. Anonymous says:

    As judge Mathis would say -Kelly seems to be pulling dopefiend moves…..Not showing up to her own events, mood swings and total demeanor- I'm just sayin….

  12. Even if it was just acting, its sends a really sad message to young folk, A STRAIGHT EDGE RAZOR? I really liked Kelly Price, now it seems as if she is unstable.

  13. Regina Scott says:

    Kelly needs to really calm her self down she act's like she is the only one involved here I understand that she brought the ideal to the ladies but show some dam respect to everyone else . Kelly wants to be in control of everything that's the problem she making herself look very bad.I'm not feeling Kelly right now wow Kelly really!!!!!!!

  14. I was sooo happy at seeing divas get along show #1-2 now they are acting like what I don't want to see b=women portraying anywhere unless it's scripted comedy That's not what I think this show is so I'm very disappointed in Kelly's rudeness. Yes it was your idea, but did you really think the ladys would sit around waiting for you. You brought Vegas to the table but where were you then. If you are so busy why do the show at all? Maybe you should just get paid for your ideas and leave the show for another diva who is not so busy. Don't let Niki Gilbert turn you into her unlikeable self. I understand the monoloques are your baby, but unless they cut you sitting down explaining exactly what was going on from jump street. what you did tonight should have been done from day one with everyone in the room. Believe it or not people want to see good things happen to all of you women. We want drama in your private lives. That's what we can relate to. Make us tune in next week. If it keeps going like this I'm tuning out. Dawn your eggs are rotten listen to the DR. You would rather him lie to you so you feel better about not getting pregnant, that's not what DR's do. Miss Lil Mo you should have spoken up when Kelly said she didn't know anything about Ted. Hope me and all the people I know will keep watching.


  15. Kelly Price need to go somewhere and sit down. The show was going good at first, but now she's turning it into "R&B Diva's Atlanta". She doesn't have Oprah money or even Beyonce' money. To me, she has not "paid her dues" yet. Gladys Knight, Patty LaBelle and others have paved the way for her. Until she gets her attitude together, she shouldn't be considered a "DIVA"! Kelly, are you on crack? Get it together!

  16. Mee Smith says:

    I've lost All respect for Kelly Price! She's EXTREMELY rude & wants everyone to kiss her a** you can't work with other grown people & treat them like kids or sh** Kelly! SHE SEEMS BIPOLAR TO ME! so sad.. more black women making all look bad! :'-(

  17. I said the same thing,that she is definitely the new Nicci Gilbert!

  18. Sonja Jones says:

    Lost all respect for Kelly Price. She s not acting like a lady but a big brat/bully.

  19. Kelly stop acting like a spoiled kid and live the life you sing about this show is not the housewives of Alanta!

  20. Sabrina Diamond Lewis says:

    Well I'm about to take the high road cause I'm a HUGE Kelly Price fan and no matter what she does she is fabulous! This is better than some other "ghetto" reality shows & its TV. It must be something you DO LIKE because you keep watching & that's the point! This is entertainment you love to hate – but continue to watch. Carry on Kelly & do you 🙂

  21. Sheriea Nicole says:

    Kelly is being a baby and a bully. Kudos for Chante for standing her ground and holding het own. Somebody had to put her antics to rest.

  22. I continue to watch because I have come to admire both Chante and lil Mo. And, I also had hopes that Kelly would humble herself and beg the ladies and Fred's pardon. She has been rude, mean and frankly, a big bully. She always presented herself as God fearing woman, but, person I see is far from that.

  23. Azie Slim says:

    I know Fred personally and have worked with him on several productions/projects…he is one of the most professional, well-respected people I know in LA. A hard worker and definitely a class act! He has definitely looked out for a lot of people. He is more than okay in my book!

  24. How cool to see you on t.v. I love this show. I am in love with Chante Moore! I've been listening to her for many years. Hope all is well. Miss You!

  25. Azie Slim says:

    Hey Duncan, miss working with you too! Looking for more Costume Design work in the Atlanta area, but will be back and forth to LA for work:-)

  26. Courtney Bell says:

    Sabir, caught you on R&B Divas. Glad to see you are still grinding and living your passion.

  27. That's funny that no one is seeing the real picture. This was kelly's Idea in the very begining. HER IDEA. REALLY!!!!! No one can see that if Kelly didn't introduce it no ONE else was even thinkin about it . Chante's slick ass just decided to take it and run with it like it was hers. thats a back stabber and then Mo gone roll with her? REALY!!! BUT SHE SAYS THAT SHE HAS THE CLOSEST RELATIONSHIP WITH Kelly. BITCH Really you call that a friendship? NO!!! regaurdless of how Kelly was acting over her IDEA you don't just take someone's idea and make it your own like you birthed it. NO BITCH NO!!! She gave this BITCH Chantell a party at her house and BITCH this is how you repay me then you wanna act like she pulled out the vaselin and gym shoes like she wanna fight, thats you tryin to discredit her and its funny how she sticks to moe like glue right. Moe!! you are the follower not Dawn. Dawn made her own decision because it didn't sit well with her to continue this and it was someone elses. I fill like that you should have felt the same way cause this was your friend.Then you gone go off on Dawn like that BITCH noth of yall need to appologize to KELLY WITH YO BACK STABBIN ASSES!!! THEN YALL GONE GO TO HER B-DAY PARTY LIKE YALL COOL. CHANTE GONE SAY MAYBE I SHOULDN'T GO CAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT. BITCH EXPECT TO GET YO ASS WHOOPED. A REAL BITCH WOULDN'T HAVE WENT KNOWING THAT THERE WAS BEEF BUT THIS BITCH DIDN'T MEAN NO GOOD SHE WISH IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SOME SHIT STARTED SO SJE COULD FILL JUSTIFIED IN HER MINIPULATION OF THE OTHER WOMEN AND THE BACK STABBING OF KELLY.

  28. Sabrina Diamond Lewis says:

    We must support the few Black shows we have 🙂

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