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‘Big Brother’ 15 Episode 18: Veto Competition 6, MVP Announcement

Big Brother” Episode 18 airs tonight on CBS, but if you’re still stuck without the channel because of the Time Warner Cable dispute, you will have to find some other way of catching “Veto Competition #6” and the “Big Brother MVP” announcement.

In Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother,” GinaMarie Zimmerman outlasted McCrae in the rolling barrel HoH competition, so now she’s head of the household.

Tonight’s episode will feature the Power of Veto competition, and the third Big Brother MVP will be announced. We will also see more fake alliances and broken deals.

Big Brother” 15 Episode 18 airs at 8 PM tonight on CBS. Tune in to find out who became the sixth nominee, who won Power of Veto, and whether or not that PoV was used.

Check out the spoiler video below.


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