‘Big Brother’ Season 15, Live Eviction

Season 15 of “Big Brother” airs tonight on CBS and Live Eviction 5 is going down.

In last night’s episode, we saw that paranoia had set in amongst the houseguests who felt they were being targeted for eviction. Judd was flipping out, Amanda was picking fights with everyone, while Candice and Helen are at each other’s throats. In the HoH room, a debate raged on about who should go.

Tonight we find out who it will be. Both Howard and his biggest ally, Candice, are on the chopping block. Will Candice or Howard be sent packing?  Who will be the next HoH?

Find out tonight Thursday, August 1 at 9pm ET/PT when “Big Brother” Season 15, Episode 16 premiers on CBS.

Take a look at the preview video below:


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