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Revelations Emerge About Spike Lee’s New Kickstarter Joint

After two weeks of almost no details on a mysterious new joint, new revelations have emerged about the film Spike Lee has been crowd-sourcing on

Lee announced Raphael Saadiq would be scoring the film, and introduced British actress Zaraah Abrahams as the female lead. Until now, he has only described the  upcoming film as a movie about blood addiction, but not about vampires. Here is what Spike posted on his Kickstarter page yesterday:

“English Actor, Ms. Zaraah Abrahams has been offered the Woman Lead in my New Film here on Kickstarter. I first saw Zaraah in BLACK GIRL IN PARIS, this is a NYU GRAD Thesis Film Directed by Kiandra Parks, a Student of mine. I remember Kiandra screening a rough cut of her film in my NYU Office, as I watched I kept being drawn to the Co-Star, she was dominating this 20 Minute Film. After the screening was done I told Kiandra that ‘She had a very good film and Who is the Co-Star? What is her name? Where did she come from? How did you find her? How come she is the Co-Star and not the lead? I need to get in touch with her.’ I tracked her down and Zaraah is even better than I thought. If I know anything, I know Young Talent. These are Individuals who have that special something, a true gift from God and they only need the platform, the vehicle to SHOW DA WORLD what they got.”

So, Spike Lee has already found his lead and, on top of that, a new poster was released by his production company 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks. Check it out below.

The artwork gives no further information about the movie. The title has not yet been revealed, nor is there a clear indication of what this film is really about.


Still, that has not stopped Lee’s supporters from donating just over $681,000 of his $1.25M Kickstarter campaign goal, with 16 days left. At the halfway mark of his 30-day grind,  Lee had raised over half of his goal, so it may be safe to say he has a good chance of achieving it.

Check out the video below showing Spike Lee pleading the case for his Kickstarter campaign.



To contribute to the campaign, click HERE.

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