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Michael Strahan, Nicole Murphy Rent $20 Million LA Mansion During Hunt for Dream Home

Michael Strahan and his fiancee, Nicole Murphy, have sold their Bel-Air home for a whopping $11 million and are now renting a lavish $20 million mansion in LA for $100,000 a month until they find the perfect dream home.

Whoever Strahan hired to sell his “teardown” home can easily outsell any of the realtors featured on “Million Dollar Listings: Los Angeles.”

While the home itself had some nice bones, the home was reportedly a “teardown” according to  Strahan had already torn down much of the home in anticipation of rebuilding, but never got around to the huge project.

Of course, most people would never just walk away from such a huge construction project for fear of losing money, but that wasn’t the case for Strahan. Instead of losing any money after tearing down part of the home, it was sold for over $3 million more than he purchased the property for.

He forked over $7.8 million for the lavish home and it was recently sold for $11 million according to the Times.

Selling the home for such a huge profit is allowing Michael and his girlfriend to move into yet another incredible home that they will be renting until they find the perfect place.

The posh mansion in Beverly Park, right next to the famous Beverly Hills, is more than enough space for him and his reality star boo as it holds eight bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a large guest house, spectacular green space with large fountains and a resort style pool.

With that high of a price tag, you can bet that the home has some pretty cool neighbors as well.

Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Tim McGraw, Samuel Jackson and Sylvester Stallone have their own posh pads in the same community.

The huge mansion is perfect for a man as large as Michael is, but that doesn’t mean he is the fearless giant you might expect him to be.

Despite standing at well over 6-foot tall and being remembered as one of the toughest defensive ends to step foot on the football field, even he is terrified of mice.

Nicole Murphy actually joined her soon-to-be husband on his live talk show with Kelly Ripa back in July and revealed that he freaked out when a mouse landed on their bed in their hotel room on her 40th birthday.

He was so afraid of the small visitor that he had to call for the hotel staff to come catch the mouse. The staff laughed off the entire situation by reminding them that taking a vacation to Africa meant they were going to see far more terrifying animals than a mouse.

She also dished on more quirky secrets including the fact that the former NFL star also had a pet pig named Betsy when he lived in Texas, and that he loves spooning.

Having a woman who loves him and all his “quirks” is quite a refreshing turn of events after his nasty divorce from his ex-wife Jean Muggli.

Back in 2012 he revealed that life was so much more “peaceful” with Nicole.

“I have someone who gets along with my family,” he said of his current fiancee. “And who gets along with my friends. And we have a lot of the same interests. Life is just a lot more peaceful.”

The nasty divorce was a very public,  although Michael never wanted it to get that way.

“It didn’t get public on my account,” he said of the divorce. “I wasn’t necessarily trying to be public about anything.”

It seems like he finally found his dream woman in Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, and hopefully his house hunt will lead the couple to the perfect dream home as well.


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