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Son of Atlanta Politician Robbed His First Day at Morehouse

Photo Credit: vizual2 via flickr

ATLANTA – A disturbing first day of school for one Morehouse College student has turned into a wake-up call for one of Atlanta’s elected officials.

Fulton County Commission Chairman John Eaves said that his 18-year-old son was ambushed by armed thugs on Thursday. The crooks stole the freshman’s cellphone.

It was the freshman’s first day on campus. He’d just finished band practice and was standing outside a building on Joseph Lowery Boulevard around 9 p.m.  when he was attacked. He was not injured and returned to practice on Friday, but his father is still on edge.

Eaves posted his frustrations about the robbery and urban crime on his Facebook page. The post read, in part:

“Right now I am experiencing a wide range of emotions…I am relieved and thankful that my first born is still with me, but I am also angry…and concerned. I am not very optimistic about the future of our community, especially when you look at the status of African-American males. Too many African-American boys have access to guns, too many of them drop out of high school, too many of them are in prison, and too many of them place little value on the lives of others.

“I hope we will begin to change the dialogue of what OTHERS are doing to us and our communities, but we must focus on what WE can do to change the pathological self-destructive behavior that is occurring within OUR own communities”…

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5 thoughts on “Son of Atlanta Politician Robbed His First Day at Morehouse

  1. Anthony Mohamed says:

    The fact that it was a politicians son , should make no difference. The fact that this continue's to be the number 1 issue affecting the Black Community , should be! (SMH)

  2. Agreed!!! Let us 'sweep around our OWN front door'! Smh…

  3. Marcus Smith says:

    When will things like this stop?

  4. Joseph Edward Diggs says:

    There is a generation that doesn't have a work ethic, integrity, or respect for anything other than the almighty dollar. They really feel that they are entitled to rob, cheat, or kill for it.

  5. Olivia Burton Griffith says:

    WE must be respected as a human being. And we shouldn't focus our attention on what OTHERS have to say about US but, WE SHOULD focus on what WE CANDO to CHANGE IT. And WE as a people WE HAVE the potential to DO IT. By changing our way of living. BE HUMBLE BUT BE WISE.

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