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Twitter Interface Unofficially Redesigned for Remarkable Experience

Imagine if Twitter were to completely redesign the user interface. Imagine a more intuitive design that organized all your tweets with great visuals that made the platform easier to navigate.

The video above shows such an interface, only it’s not from Twitter. It’s a design concept from an Australian Fred Nerby, and although it isn’t officially from Twitter, it is definitely what the social media platform should look like in the very near future.

Nerby’s clean design, the focus on making the service more visual, and the common sense aggregation of Twitter’s content makes his design a winner.

As reported by

“Twitter’s website makes it really easy to see updates from the people who you’re following — but that’s about it. Digging into another person’s profile still lands you in a mess of replies, without any clear way to get a sense of what they’re up to… [Fred Nerby’s] conceptual design for Twitter would make profile pages into a hotspot of content to be explored, highlighting everything from a user’s popular conversations to their latest videos and best tweets.

“Nerby’s design applies an image-heavy, flat look to Twitter’s website. Fonts are big and thin, but they stand out among a wash of white space. One of the major standbys of each profile would be a revamped conversation view. Beside a user’s recent tweets, a separate box would highlight their popular or recent chats. From there, visitors could easily view the chats, and even favorite and retweet them.”

Nerby’s look highlights the design direction that the Internet is moving toward. My favorite feature of the design is the reorganization of content Twitter, especially the real time info-graphics for tweets.

credit Fred

Twitter should unquestionably take direction from Nerby’s design. I actually think they should make him an offer and execute the entire idea. His concepts could give the popular social media company a competitive  edge over rivals like Facebook and Instagram.

Tell us what you think. Is this the kind of design you’d like to see for Twitter?

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