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Food for Life: Top 5 Healthy Foods to Help Kick Sugar Addiction

Sugar cravings and eating too many foods that contain sugar may cause health problems such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. If you give in to sugar cravings, the sugary foods that you  ate will cause your blood sugar to increase quickly and then crash. The blood sugar crashes, making you crave more sugar, so you eat more sugary foods and the cycle continues. According to Dr. Deirdre Rawlings of the Clayton College of Natural Health, you can break this unhealthy cycle by eating healthy foods that fight sugar cravings.

To combat sugar cravings, Dr. Rawlings recommends that people eat these top 5 healthy foods.


Fruits taste naturally sweet, making them effective in fighting sugar cravings. One of the best fruits to help fight sugar cravings is the apple. Apples taste very sweet and are also high in fiber. Fiber makes the stomach feel full, satisfying your sugar cravings. Also, apples are easy to carry and they don’t need to be peeled or cut like other fruits. Apples also take longer to chew, so the person eating it will soon start thinking that they are no longer hungry, thus reducing their sugar cravings.

Sweet corn

Sweet corn is another healthy food that can help fight sugar cravings. Sweet corn is native to Central America, but it was introduced to the rest of the world by explorers from Spain. Sweet corn is different from ordinary field corn because of its mutation at the sugary locus. Sweet corn is great for fighting sugar cravings because it tastes sweet when cooked and makes you feel quite full after eating an ear of it. It is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

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