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‘Flirty’ Flight Attendant Gets Passengers Kicked Off Plane

Photo Credit: ÂßĐủĹмàjēēĐ via flickr

Two passengers were reportedly kicked off a plane for complaining about a “flirty” flight attendant.

The men were set to travel on a Saudi Airlines flight from Riyadh to Jeddah last week when the incident occurred, Saudi newspaper Sabq reported.

Khaled bin Abdulrahman al-Mahyzaa,  a Muslim cleric, claims the flight attendant was “showing little respect for traditional customs” by flirting with a foreigner.

She allegedly called the man “habibi,” an Arabic term of endearment translated as “my love” or  “darling.” However, the term could also be used sarcastically or to mock someone.

Mahyzaa and another passenger – a police officer – confronted her and told her it was inappropriate to speak to the passenger in that way, but she reportedly responded with anger.

Security officials escorted the men from the plane, which was delayed for more than an hour.

Police are investigating the incident.


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