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‘Big Brother’ Season 15, Episode 15 Veto Competition, MVP Announcement

Episode 15 of “Big Brother” airs tonight on CBS and features the Power of the Veto Competition, as well as the announcement of the 5th Big Brother MVP.

Get ready because tonight kicks off another drama-filled week. Tonight we will see the reaction to Aaryn’s nominations and how it effects the house. Spencer and Amanda are at each other’s throats. No surprise here. America’s MVP nomination will be revealed to the houseguests. Then the POV competition will take place and we get to see if the POV is used since the ceremony closes out the episode.

To find out how everything unfolds, tune in to CBS tonight at 8 PM/7 Central for “Big Brother” Season 15, Episode 15.

Get a sneak peek  in the preview video below:


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