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She’s Gotta Have It: Are You Addicted to Men?

Photo Credit: Monachromatic via flickr

Are you addicted to men? When we think of addiction, we don’t generally think in terms of relationships. Yet an addiction can apply to any activity in which you continue engage—despite severely negative physical or emotional consequences. People can become addicted to pretty much anything. Whether the addiction is to working out, watching sports, texting, Facebook, Twitter or doing drugs — it’s not healthy.  Avoiding your feelings or needing to fill a void within, is simply a symptom of something much deeper. A relationship can give you a ‘high’ just as euphoric as a drug, and yes, like drugs—they can be addictive. If that relationship is a good, healthy one, it’s not so bad to be consumed by—though healthy people generally do not get ‘consumed’ by one thing. On the contrary, if a relationship is toxic, that often leads to stress, obsession, or physical or emotional harm. At that point, you really want to take a good, hard look at what is going on. Here are 15 signs you’re a manaholic.

1. You feel “empty,” “out of sorts,” “restless,” or otherwise “off” if you are not with your man or not in a relationship.

2. You need to be with your man, despite feeling worse when you’re with him than without him.

3. You overeat, drink alcohol, or take prescription medication to deal with the stress of your relationship. You may even overengage in normally healthy activities like running or doing yoga to avoid thinking about your relationship or “getting away” from it.

4. You often have thoughts like “I should leave” or “I should divorce him” or “This relationship isn’t good” but can’t seem to do any actions that might upset the relationship.

5. You pity or look down on single women or think something like, “I may be unhappy but thank god I’m not single”…

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