Alfonso Soriano Falls Flat Returning to The Yankees

The New York Yankees added power-hitting outfielder Alfonso Soriano to the team on Friday with the hope that his batting skills would upgrade their offense.

That didn’t happen.

In his first game returning to the Yankees, Soriano only managed to hit a couple of fly balls, a pair of groundouts. Then with bases loaded and a chance to bring the game within one run, he grounded into a fielder that prevented the team’s rally.

“I haven’t played those guys, so I don’t know what they throw,” Soriano said of his first game as an American Leaguer since 2005. “But we have a hitting coach, and we have video, so I want to make that adjustment and get my timing as quickly as possible.”

Soriano entered the Major League as a Yankee in 1999, quickly emerging as a star in New York. As a Cub, Soriano hit 17 homers in 93 games this season.

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