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Alfonso Soriano Officially Traded to New York Yankees

Alfonso Soriano is headed back to the New York Yankees. The trade for the slugger between the Chicago Cubs and the Bronx squad was made official Friday.

The deal didn’t cost the Yankees that much cash at all. Soriano’s salary is $24 million for this year. With the Cubs already paying $18 million, it only leaves the Yankees with $6 million to pay the outfielder. The Cubs also have to pay the majority of the rest of his two year contract.

“It was great when I used to be with the Yankees,” Soriano said. “My best friend with the team is [Derek] Jeter, and he’s still there. Mariano [Rivera] is still there too. And me and [Robinson] Cano are good friends, too, because we’re from the same town. I could feel very good with the Yankees because I’ve been part of the family before with them.”

Soriano, who is now 37, started his MLB career with the Yankees, playing for the organization from 1999 to 2003.

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