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Security Update: Android 4.3 Hidden Feature Ups Security

Enthusiasts of Google’s Android mobile operating system usually boast about one particular theme: the open source and customizable nature of the system. However, that customizable nature comes with a cost – which is lack of security. Android users can now make their devices more secure with a hidden feature in the latest update for Android Jelly bean 4.3.

The new version of Android allows users to control the permissions of different apps. For example, you can specifically modify your location preferences for an application, despite the permissions to your location services. According to

“The feature is apparently called App Ops, and lets users toggle app permissions — such as location and the ability to post notifications — on and off for individual apps.”

The permission feature, however, is in its beta stage and may be a little complicated for the average user to navigate all the capabilities. Despite that issue, increased navigation is definitely an upshot for Android users. Especially since it’s only been a few weeks since security company, Bluebox, revealed a flaw in the Android operating system which renders users’ phones extremely vulnerable.

Google presented Android 4.3 at their event on Wednesday, along with their new flagship device, the Nexus 7 tablet. The new version of the OS – which is still a version of Jelly Bean – should be available in the upcoming weeks for Nexus devices and a few months later for the rest of the Android community.



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