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All Charges Dismissed Against P.J. Hairston

P.J. Hairston dodged a legal bullet on Monday, as all charges against the North Carolina Tar Heels’ guard have been dropped.

Hairston was charged with possession of marijuana, driving without a license and gun possession on June 5. According to court records, those charges were dismissed on July 19.

In compliance with conditions of the Durham County Court, Hairston was ordered to  complete a drug test successfully and provide a valid driver’s license— which he provided. As for the 9mm pistol that was found in the vehicle Hairston was driving, proof of ownership of the gun was unable to be determined—subsequently that charge was also dropped.

The GMC Yukon that Hairston was driving when he was stopped was linked to known ex-convict Haydn “Fats” Thomas, who is facing a pending drug case of his own.

Hairston has yet to be penalized by the NCAA, but it’s certainly not out of the question.

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